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Pachadi recipes for rice – Indian chutney recipes

Pachadi recipes for rice – Indian chutney recipes

Pachadi recipes – Collection of 6 Andhra pachadi recipes which goes very well with rice. Some of these are also called roti pachadi when they are made in a traditional mortar pestle. These can also be had with any Indian tiffins like dosa, upma, chapathi.

Chutneys are very common in typical Telugu house and my mother will make these with almost every vegetable. Till now I could able to post 6 out of all those recipes. I will be updating this post whenever I add new pachadi recipe to this blog.

Usually, we enjoy these chutneys with hot rice and a dollop of ghee. But one can use these Indian style chutney recipes as a sandwich spread or as salad dressings depending on the veggies used.

All these chutney recipes are quite nutritious as most of these have nuts and seeds like sesame seeds, peanuts, coconut and different types of lentils. And its easy way to include the leafy greens in our regular diet by making chutneys with them.

To get optimal nutrition out of these chutneys, have these with little ghee or coconut oil or any cold pressed oil. Fat-soluble vitamins from these nuts and seeds can be easily absorbed by the body in this way.

Pachadi recipes collection:

1.PUDINA PACHADI RECIPE – Mint chutney, made with fresh mint leaves and sesame seeds. Usually, we eat this as a sandwich spread or as a spread for any rolls apart from having it with rice and Tiffin.

Pudina pachadi recipe - mint chutney

2.CHUKKAKURA PACHADI RECIPE – Sorrel leaves chutney, made with fresh khatta palak or sorrel leaves and sesame seeds. This chutney is tangy in nature which comes from sorrel leaves.

Chukkakura pachadi recipe - Khatta palak chutney

3.TOMATO PACHADI RECIPE – Tomato chutney, another tangy chutney with tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds. This will be good with idly or dosa when you want to try some different chutney other than peanut chutney or coconut chutney.

Tomato pachadi recipe

4.DOSAKAYA PACHADI RECIPE – Sambar cucumber chutney, this is my most favorite chutney with sambar cucumber or lemon cucumber and Indian spices.

Dosakaya roti pachadi chutney recipe

5.BACHALI KURA PACHADI RECIPE – Malabar spinach chutney with raw mango and Indian spices. This chutney has tangy and earthy flavor from mango, goes very well with rice and roti.

Malabar spinach chutney – roti pachadi

6.THOTAKURA PACHADI RECIPE – Amaranth leaves chutney with Amla or Indian gooseberry and Indian spices. Instead of Amla, you can use raw mango or raw tamarind as well to make this chutney.

Amaranth leaves chutney - thotakura pachadi - andhra pachadi recipe

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  • Yum! They look so delicious. It’s a shame that there aren’t many great Indian places near where we live. I just can’t get enough of how many variations there are how different one is from the other. Thanks for sharing.

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