Rice cooker  Basmati rice Perfect fluffy rice

Why you should cook rice in a rice cooker

Hands-free cooking

Perfect fluffy rice every time

Cook rice in large quantities and use it later


Basmati rice Water Salt Oil 

Prep work

Rinse the basmati rice very well at least three times to remove all excess starch from the rice.

Drain the entire water from the rice and keep it aside. If soaking the rice, do it for 30 minutes and drain the water.

Step 1

 Brush the rice cooker's inner pot with oil.

Step 2

Add drained rice to the rice cooker inner bowl.

Step 3

Now add water and salt.

Step 4

Close the rice cooker with its lid. If your rice cooker has options, select white rice or start the cook button.

Step 5

Once it is done, wait for few minutes and fluff it up with a fork, and the rice is ready to use.

Light, fluffy and flavorful basmati rice is ready to serve with your favorite curry or dal.