Rice cooker Quinoa Perfect fluffy quinoa  every time!

Why you should cook quinoa in a rice cooker

Hands-free cooking

Perfect fluffy quinoa every time

Cook quinoa in large quantities and use it later


Quinoa Water Salt Oil 

Prep work

Wash the quinoa couple of times by rubbing it with your hands to remove the outer coat of quinoa call saponins.

Drain entire water from quinoa and keep it aside.

Step 1

Coat the rice cooker inner pot with a teaspoon of oil.

Step 2

Add drained quinoa to the rice cooker inner bowl.

Step 3

Now add water and salt.

Step 4

Cover it with lid and turn on the rice cooker. If the rice cooker has settings, select the "White rice" option. Otherwise, start the cook mode.

Step 5

Once it is done, wait for few minutes and fluff it up with a fork, and the quinoa is ready to use.