Millet Types (Ancient cereal grain)

Sorghum millet

Most popular millet variety, called Jowar, Jonna. From porridge to beer, you can make anything with Sorghum.

Pearl Millet

Also called Bajra or Sajja, it is mainly grown in semi-arid regions. Usually, pearl millet flour is used to make flatbread or porridge.

Finger Millet

Also known as Ragi, it is popular in India and parts of Africa. And using finger millet flour, we make flatbread, porridge, laddu, and soup.

Proso Millet

This is widely grown in many parts of the world. It is typically light yellow and ideal for making porridge, polenta, and pilaf.

Little Millet

Also called Sama or Samai, it is widely grown in India. This millet is ideal if you consider replacing rice with millet in any recipe.

Foxtail Millet

This will be similar to the Proso millet, called Korra, Thinai. This small, round, yellow color grain will be fluffy when cooked and can replace rice in any recipe.

Barnyard Millet

This is similar to little millet and will be perfect for replacing rice in any recipe. Barnyard millet will be ideal for making porridge, pilaf, salad, and polenta.

Kodo Millet

Also called Varagu, Arikelu, it is light brown in color. As Kodo millet is nutty and slightly chewy than other small millet, I prefer using this millet to make Idly and dosa.

Browntop Millet

Also called Korale, Anda Korralu is primarily grown in the South Indian States.They have a nutty, earthy taste and taste best in soups and stews.

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