Easy & Healthy 11 vegan recipes to try today!


A wholesome and comforting meal on any day. With simple pantry ingredients and detailed instructions, you can make a healthy meal easily at home.

Potato lentil soup


This Instant pot pasta e Fagioli is super easy to make and full of flavors. This soup will be a wholesome and complete meal that doesn't need side dishes.

Pasta soup


This simple and flavorful vegan kidney bean chili recipe is easy to make at home from scratch with pantry staple ingredients.

Kidney bean chili


A colorful and vibrant soup bowl is a comforting dinner on any day.

Black-eyed peas soup


If you are really out of time, dump all the ingredients in the Instant pot, and nourishing soup is ready to enjoy.

Kidney beans soup


Simple rice and beans is comfort food. This vegan and the gluten-free dish is very versatile, and you can serve it as pilaf, taco, burrito.

Beans and rice


Lentils and rice pair very well, they make a complete meal. This lentils and rice is a foolproof recipe that yields a flavorful and filling dinner in no time.

Lentils and rice


Make this easy and flavorful Instant pot tomato rice and enjoy it for any meal. Though you can serve this dish as it is, you can also make tacos, burritos, and salads using this.

Tomato rice


Serve this simple chickpea vegetable curry in a soupy coconut broth with rice or flatbread for your busy weekday dinners.

Chickpeas veggie curry


Make restaurant-style Indian chickpeas curry at home using staple ingredients. This chana masala recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and perfect for dinner.

Vegan chana masala


With simple pantry ingredients and an Instant pot, make this black-eyed peas curry and serve it with basmati rice or vegan naan bread.

Black-eyed peas curry

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